How To Achieve The Perfect Flat Twistout

Because Natural Hair can be somewhat of an enigma.

Step One: Cleanse Hair Thoroughly. Use a cleansing shampoo, not a moisturizing shampoo. This will remove any product build up and prepare the hair to be moisturized. Remember when adding heat to hair, it's important that the hair is clean as any excess product will make hair sticky and more susceptible to heat damage.

Step Two: Use a light protein treatment to strengthen hair. Protein Treatments will fill in small gaps in the hair strand and help to strengthen hair. This also protects against heat damage.

Step Three: Condition with a light rinse out conditioner. Think of conditioner as something to be felt and not seen. Applying a reasonable amount of conditioner will make hair softer and more moisturized without leaving any excess product on the hair. Leave conditioner in for about 5 minutes and then rinse.

Step Four: Use a spray leave in conditioner with little to no oils. Oils will burn when heat is added so try to find a leave in that is to be used specifically for heat styling.

Step Five: Blow dry hair on medium high heat. Using a nozzle to control the air flow and a large paddle brush blow dry hair until it is straight. Keep hair sectioned to avoid tangles.

Step Six: Part and flat twist hair in desired sections using a foam lotion or mousse. The mousse will add a light and fluffy hold. Towards the end of your twist, add more foam and roll hair using a small Perm Rod.

Step Seven: Dry under a hooded dryer or over night. Once fully set, gently unravel twists and fluff to the desired volume.