Why You Need Red Palm Oil in Your Natural Hair Routine

Why You NEED red palm oil

Why You NEED red palm oil

You guys know that us naturalists are constantly searching for the next big thing when it comes to hair products. Or maybe it's just me? I just love trying new things with my hair and when that "thing" works? I'm in heaven!

I discovered red palm oil while perusing the aisles at Trader Joe's and seeing that there was no coconut oil but a TON of red palm oil occupying the shelves where my beloved normally sat. I reluctantly picked up a jar and immediately consulted with my good friend Ms. Google to see id I could this stuff in my hair. To my delight she said yes and I quickly bought a jar of red palm oil and took it home to experiment.

I first tested out this oil as a stand alone free poo and I was immediately impressed. The red palm oil left my hair soft and unbelievably easy to detangle without feeling heavy on my kinks. I was in love. After more research I discovered that Red Palm Oil has some pretty dope benefits for your natural hair:

- promotes growth

- more vitamin A and E than any other plant based oil

- the antibacterial properties fight fungi

-anti aging properties for hair and skin

- strengthens hair

To see how I used my red palm oil, check out the video below!