Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day | 5 Romantic Date Spots for the Single (ish) Girl

There is something special about showing yourself some love.

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I used to LOVE taking myself out on “dates”. I was no stranger sitting in a dimly lit restaurant, ordering a glass of the second cheapest wine, and settling in for a hot meal. I’m an only child so I found quite a bit of comfort in my own company. Fast forward to now and doing things by myself seems so foreign: when you become one half a velcro strip you kind of get used to having someone else around you like, all the time. While Valentine’s Day is typically a day recognized for romantic love, I would encourage you to give yourself a little treat if you’re not in a relationship. One of the most important things that I’m learning in my singleness is that I have to create my own memories surrounding important days so that I’m not depending on another person for my happiness.

I recently met up with Tysharda of TyTyme, who is married, to explore the most romanic spots in our city. I think these spots are perfect for those in a relationship, looking to celebrate Galentine’s Day, or just a great place to treat yourself.

Eastman Theatre

If you’re looking to see a show in a beautiful building, this is is where you need to be. The old school architecture and design is breathtaking and romantic and it’s always a classy date night option. This venue is especially great if you want to pull out that expensive dress that you haven’t gotten the chance to wear yet.

Apogee Wine Bar

Single ladies, this one is especially for you! Apogee is an adorable wine and dessert bar on Park Ave with reasonably priced drinks and delicious desserts. This is a great place for girlfriends to stop for a chill night out where you can share a bottle of wine, chat, and meet new people. Although they don’t have any Valentine’s Day specials, the atmosphere is perfect for cute date.

Ox and Stone

This newer restaurant is another one with the perfect ambiance. Dimly lit and artfully decorated, Ox and Stone serves delicious craft cocktails and Mexican dishes with an American twist. This would be a great place for the artsy couple or single girl looking to try something different.

Geva Theater

People who think that there’s nothing to do in Rochester, have clearly never been to Geva. Some of the most popular on and off broadway shows have dates here including Hamilton as well as up and coming shows. This is a great place to take yourself if you’re craving art in the form of theater.

Tournedo’s at the Inn on Broadway

The Millionaire Matchmaker said that if you’re trying to meet a man of a certain stature, then you need to go to a upscale steakhouse alone. Tournedo’s is that upscale steakhouse. Located inside the gorgeous Inn on Broadway, everything about this establishment screams high class and romance. Whether you’re treating yourself or having a romantic date with a loved one I would definitely suggest reserving one of the gorgeous rooms at The Inn and enjoying a four course meal at Tournedo’s. Not to mention there are plenty of cozy corners where you can cuddle up with someone special or enjoy a good drink. According to Ty, their Valentine’s Day menu is divine!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Are you spending the day with friends? Treating yourself? Or with a boo?