How To Style A Coordinate Set

No it's not a dress...

I'm not going to lie, I was not planning on jumping into the coordinate set trend. I was totally fine with watching from the sidelines and being a skeptical spectator. But one day I went shopping on line and completely threw caution to the wind. Plus it was on sale.

I think part of my initial trepidation was that I am not a huge fan of matchy matchy looks. And nothing is more matchy, and possibly tacky, than wearing a skirt and top set with the same loud ass pattern on it. So I had to tread lightly.

I definitely started off with simple looks. Because the pattern is so large I did want and components of my look to compete or clash with my set. The white shorts were perfect companions for the this scuba material top and the short wedge heel keeps it from being trashy.

For my last look, I tried to class the skirt up with a beautiful (yet cheap) flowy top. I really wanted to be casually glamorous and I think I achieved it with this look. The top balanced out the form fitting skirt and kept the look from bordering on a night out look.

Coordinate Set (Sold Out but found here) 




Brought To You By The 90s...

You GUYS... Are the 90s coming back for real? Like for real for real? Because I am so here for that. I can definitely go for dresses that aren't body con and REAL overalls (not the skinny jean kind). Also, skorts (skirts with shorts underneath) because they are the true definition of freedom. If the fashions of the 90s make a comeback this is what I will be wearing. 

Until then, I'm loving this semi grunge-y sweater dress and bold nameplate jewelry. The bold lip adds to the nostalgia and makes me think of something the late Aaliyah would wear.

Dress | Necklace | Similar Shoes

Chic Holiday Cocktails + Winter Crop Tops

Now is the winter of our discontent. -William Shakespeare

It's that time of year again! Time for all sorts of boozy get togethers and cookie exchanges are happening and I'm so excited. I know that the winter season can bring on some trying times but I try to see the beauty in the season: I love seeing snow and decorative lights lining the streets and just the buzzing excitement is so refreshing to see.

Crop tops were kind of THE THING of summer 2014 and they were everywhere. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't comfortable enough in my body to rock them in public. I'm now at a place where I want to wear them and I've basically decided that midriff baring tops are appropriate for every season. So here I am in sub freezing weather rocking my crop top like I'm not cold. Luckily I'll do almost anything for style so it wasn't unbearable.

I love this look because it's festive yet casual. The full midi skirt keep the look from v peering into street walker/Kardashian territory and the sheer panel gives it just a tad bit of edge. This is definitely for cocktails on girl's night as only other females can truly appreciate our crazy fashion whims and this look is probably an official man repeller. It practically screams I watch Sex and the City marathons and I'm TOTES a Samantha (everyone thinks they're Samantha).

No matter which Sex and the City character you truly embody, I encourage everyone to try something that makes them just a little uncomfortable before the close of 2014. For me it was crop tops. I definitely have a few more things to cross of the list but we're taking baby steps here.

So tell me what's the one thing you want to do in the month of December?

Until Next Time...