I'm Not Pregnant, I'm Just Fat

The feeling of horror when someone asks if you're "with child" and you are most certainly not.


A few months ago, a lovely lady at church asked me if I was pregnant. Straight up asked like she was sure. There was no doubt in her mind that I was pregnant. She was confident enough in her observation to actually ask me if I was pregnant.

Naturally I was appalled. I thought, "how dare she? OF COURSE I'm not pregnant!" My defense was on high and I may or may not have cried when I got home.  And then I looked in the mirror and sure enough I looked a little bit pregnant. 

So here we are a few months later and I just recently stopped eating like it's Thanksgiving day and none of my pants fit. I'm still looking (ever so slightly) pregnant and I'm not okay with it. My body feels heavy and I'm exhausted. It's time for a change. One that can be sustained. 

Over the next few months I'll be sharing my fitness journey with you guys to keep myself accountable and hopefully some of you will be inspired to live a healthier life as well.

Thanks so much for stopping by.