Shape Wear is for Everyone: Using Shape Wear to Enhance Your Look

So here’s the deal: I’m here for this #bodypositivity movement, I really am. It’s so important that we unlearn the toxic language and habits that taught us how to hate our bodies and to see so many women doing the REALLY TOUGH work of actually loving themselves (like for real for real, not just on instagram) is crazy inspiring. So I’m going to say something that’s going to sound anti #bodypos but I swear I don’t mean it that way: I love shape wear. Cue the collective gasp. I KNOW mmkay? i know. But here’s the deal, I actually like shape wear and I wear it for me. Not because it sucks me in or smooths me out but because it enhances my shape. I think of it as more of a tool that helps to highlight my best features as opposed to a necessity that hides my “flaws”.

Yes, I wear shape wear. No, I’m not hiding anything.

Yes, I wear shape wear. No, I’m not hiding anything.

Below are my some of my favorite foundation/shapewear pieces that can take a look from an 8 to a 12!

HIgh Waisted Thong


Honestly speaking, this not my favorite option. This is mostly because having a thick piece of spandex resting between your cheeks is not the most comfortable situation but sometimes you need the seamless look that a thong provides. This option is great for a slinky dress that shows any undergarments and I’ve also found that it improves posture.

Shaping Shorts


Now these are the GOAT, the Real MVP, the kit’s tits. Honestly these work with almost any outfit and I love that the hold doesn’t prevent the necessary task of breathing. Shaping shorts are ideal shape wear for the girl who wears moderately form fitting dresses. These account for the changes that a woman’s goes through during the month and smooth out the overall fit. I also love that the shorts can be layered with other shape wear pieces.

Shaping Tanks and Camis


I like these because they come in a range of styles. You can get a traditional camisole or tank or opt for a cut out bust design for low cut tops. I like to layer mine with shaping shorts for some extra shaping power.

Do your wear shape wear? What are you favorite foundation garments?