How to Take Fire Pictures for Your Blog

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with starting as a team of one.


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I wish I hadn’t spent the last few years thinking I NEEDED someone to take my blog pictures for me. I swear, I would have gotten so much more shit done and I would be further along in this blogging game. Alas, I learned this lesson so you wouldn’t have to and now I can give you all the tea on being your own photographer.

What You’ll Need:

Yourself (duh)

Decent Camera (doesn’t have to be fancy), I use an old Canon T3

Smart Phone, if you don’t have a camera. iPhones take some dope pictures.

Smart Phone Attachment for tripod


Any object that will help you focus

Natural Lighting

Absolutely NO SHAME

The first thing I like to do when taking blog pictures is scout a bomb location. I find a lot of them in my city via Instagram (make sure you follow your local creative tribe for inspiration) and some by just driving around. I normally have a look that will work for any given location that will match the vibe.

Next, I schedule my shooting days. Now this can be more difficult. Why? Well because I live in the grayest city ever and it has been raining for the last few months. This means that I have to take advantage of almost any hour of sunlight. I try not to shoot with flash because it washes me out something serious. Instead I position my camera so that the light source is behind the lens or to the side of the subject (That would be me. I’m the subject).

My set up is pretty simple. I use a light stand to focus my lens and set a self timer. Now this is where things can get weird. If you’re in a public place, people might be looking at you wondering what the hell you’re doing. This is when you have to decide that you don’t care. You’re out here working on something and if people aren’t helping you, then their opinion doesn’t much matter. Get over the awkwardness and move, pose, take tons of pictures. One benefit of doing things on your own is that you’re on your own time. This means you can almost always get the shot that you want. If your location isn’t giving you life, pack your things and go somewhere else. Try different angles until you get what you want.

I promise this is easier than it seems. I’ve been taking my own pictures for about a month now and I can honestly say this is the most I’ve enjoyed blogging over the years because I love having creative control.

Let me know, have you ever not created content because you didn’t have a photographer? Would you feel comfortable taking your own pictures in the future?

The Modest Trendsetter

Because you can stay covered AND Fly.

Black and White Michael Kors Jacket

Black and White Michael Kors Jacket

Because there's a time and place for everything, I believe that a woman can dress provocatively on one day and modestly the next. What you wear is not necessarily a reflection of your character and it most certainly should not determine whether or not people respect you. That being said, you can always dress modestly and STILL slay..... That's all.

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Brought To You By The 90s...

You GUYS... Are the 90s coming back for real? Like for real for real? Because I am so here for that. I can definitely go for dresses that aren't body con and REAL overalls (not the skinny jean kind). Also, skorts (skirts with shorts underneath) because they are the true definition of freedom. If the fashions of the 90s make a comeback this is what I will be wearing. 

Until then, I'm loving this semi grunge-y sweater dress and bold nameplate jewelry. The bold lip adds to the nostalgia and makes me think of something the late Aaliyah would wear.

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