The Big Chop

It's okay to start at the beginning... Again

textured twa

I have been wearing my hair in it's naturally nappy state for two years now. I have loved and embraced my hair. I have nurtured and cared for it. It has in a sense been my child. I longed to see it grow and mature. Every inch of new growth was a new discovery. So I was definitely a little sad when I realized that I didn't like my hair anymore. It was no longer enjoyable, I didn't like styling it, and nothing had that awesome newness. It all felt very BLAH.

So I decided to cut it and start over. I've never been the type of woman who was emotionally attached to her hair- it's probably in part because I was raised by a man- so I cut it. Easy, simple, pain free, and not as "deep" as some people make it out to be.

I can definitely draw a comparison to the idea of letting go. When something is no longer serving us or bringing joy intone our lives, it's okay to simply remove it.

Because It's just hair.