How To: Go Blonde Like a Pro

Going blonde is simple; all you need is time, patience, and a ton of product.

How to go blonde, step by step

How to go blonde, step by step

First and foremost, I will say that I do not suggest doing this on your own hair. The hair that I lifted and colored is from B&HF Extensions. I lifted and colored three bundles and one closure of their Premium Peruvian Loose Wave Hair prior to installing the hair to create a wig. The entire process took me about 8 hours which was spread out over several days. I would suggest doing this over several days so as not to over stress the hair.

In order to complete this look you will need the large bucket (yes I said bucket) of BW2 Pure White Lightening Powder, 20 and 30 Volume Developer (I used the Clairol Flare 20 Volume and a generic 30 Volume from my local beauty supply store), and hair color to be used after you lift the hair to tone down the brass (Loreal Preference 8 1/2 A and 9 A and Loreal Feria Absolute Platinum). You will also need a mixing bowl, a baby whisk (I'm pretty sure that's not the technical name but this is my blog and I do what I want), a color brush, hair foils, and something to protect your tables/ floors like some old news paper or plastic bags.

To start this process off I mixed three scoops of the BW2 lightening powder with about three and a half scoops of the 30 volume developer and mixed it together with my baby whisk. The cream should have the smooth consistency of pancake batter.

Quick Tip: Wear long sleeves and pants so as not to irritate your skin like I did and be sure to wear clothes that you don't really care about like I didn't. Basically do as I say and not as I do.

I started with the bundle that I wanted to be the darkest which would be on the bottom layer of my hair. I applied my mixture to the hair starting from the ends working my way up to the weft so as not to create an uneven color. After I was finished applying the product to the entire bundle I wrapped the hair in foil (not kitchen foil, go ahead and spend the coins at the Beauty Supply for actual hair foil) and let it process for 10 minutes. The result should be a very pretty and rich dark brown color.You will now need to rinse, shampoo, and condition the hair.  At this point you can blow dry the hair or let it air dry in preparation of the second process. for the second process I wanted to create some highlights and an ombre effect. Why? Because I'm extra. Y'all know this. I mixed together my lightening powder with a twenty volume developer this time and pulled aside some small and random pieces where I wanted the hair to be highlighted. After applying the product on my highlights I brushed the creme about halfway up the remainder of the bundle to create an ombre look. I let this hair process for about twenty minutes before rinsing, shampooing and conditioning.

Quick tip: To create a natural looking ombre as opposed to a straight across line you can either slightly tease the hair or apply the product in upward strokes.

After washing and conditioning the bundle I used a deep treatment by Doo Gro to revive the hair.

I repeated this process on the remaining bundles but I let the hair process for about 30 minutes for the first process and I used 30 volume developer when lifting for the highlights and ombre. This made the bundles much lighter than the first one which was what I was going for.

In order to remove any brassy tones from lifting the hair, it's necessary to tone OR deposit a color on top of the hair. I chose to put a color as toning needs to be retouched more often the color. For the darker bundle I used the Loreal Preference 8 1/2 A and left it on for about 40 minutes. For the lighter bundles and closure I used Loreal Feria Absolute Platinum which I placed on the ends and applied to certain strands to get MORE highlights (again, I'm extra). On the remainder of the hair I used the Loreal Preference 9A. This created gorgeous highlights and an amazing ombre as well as a beautiful overall color. Using the three bundles and a closure I created a wig unit.

As I said the entire process took be about 8 hours over a period of four days. It is extremely time consuming but well worth it in my opinion. The hair from BHF Extensions lifted AND colored beautifully and I'm extremely happy with the results.

I hope this was helpful for you guys!



Bad Girls Do It Better?

Why am I holding on to this wall? I don't know

Why am I holding on to this wall? I don't know

Bloggers love to look at their feet

Bloggers love to look at their feet

I recently did a video collab with an awesome Youtuber named Jennyfer Ross. By recently, I mean today, as in it just went up. I'll have the video down below. Because I love ya. Any who, Jennyfer had the awesome to do kind of a bad girl look and I loved it! The idea is a bit of departure from my style because I generally have a more subdued style. I occasionally am afraid to play with different aesthetics because I already know what "works" for me. But why not step outside the box and have a little fun? What do you guys like to wear when you want to cut loose and change it up?

Makeup Inspired by Rihanna's Work Featuring Drake

If someone would kindly translate the lyric to work so I can sing along, it would be greatly appreciated...


You guys, I don't know how this happened but I am still completely obsessed with Rihanna's newest single work and it's video. It's kind of a problem.

So I decided (as any blogger would) that I needed to recreate the gorgeous look Rihanna rocked in the first half of her video. All products used are listed below!

I began by using the Milani Prime and shield primer. This primer is mattifying and controls oil for all my greasy girls. I went ahead and did my color correcting off camera but I have a whole video detailing how I cover my dark marks and scarring. Using my Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation mixed in with my Milani 2 in 1 Conceal and Perfect Foundation, I applied an even amount of foundation to my face for a nice full coverage.

I noticed in the "work" video, Rihanna's brows were rather thin and didn't seem too fussed over. I wanted to stay true to that look as the vibe of the video was a chill party and not an "on fleek"instagram photo session. I used the Milani "Stay Put Brow Gel" on my brows and barely sculpted them using Wet n Wild's Cover all concealer. I also used the concealer to highlight underneath my eyes, the cupid's bow of my mouth, my forehead, and down the bridge of my nose.

Starting on the gorgeous yet simple eye look Rihanna Rocked I essentially used one palette: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette. Starting with the dusty rose shade, I used a fluffy brushed place the color above my crease. I then mixed dusty rose and aubergine to place in my crease to deepen my eye look. I packed the shade buttery over my mobile lid. Next I placed the ELF Cosmetics Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Toast over the buttery shade on my mobile lid for a gold glitter effect.

After lining my lips in black, I FINALLY got the chance to use my NYX Wicked Lippie in Risque (yayyy) for a makeup look. Because I feel like Rihanna wasn't super contoured or heavily done up for this look I skipped the contour and blush and went straight for my Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Riviera and placed that everywhere that I highlighted for that island glow.

That's It! This look was so fun to recreate and I hope you guys enjoyed it. For more videos like this, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.