Major Keys To Avoid Natural Hair Setbacks

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I feel like I've heard this story so many times before. Girl (or boy goes natural), girl falls in love with hair, girl starts experimenting with some crazy styles and takes it a step too far, and then girl has to cut off all of her hair. Tears are usually involved. And then the cycle continues. Listen I'm the first one to tell you go out and be a hair ho and go ahead have fun with your hair; however, if your goal is length retention and health there are some ways to avoid natural hair setbacks.

1. Know Your Limits - Depending on your length or your hair's overall health, there are certain things that your hair just can't do. For example, as someone with about two inches of hair MAYBE a slicked back puff isn't for me. You see how I recognized my natural hair limitations? This saves me time, frustration, and inches.

2. Lay off the heat! Ugh I know. Everyone says no heat, no heat, no heat! Trust me, I'm not that girl. I love a silk press during the winter season as much as anyone else but I would suggest limiting direct heat to once a year. Many naturals like to use straighter styles to measure length. I would suggest combining your length check with your yearly flat ironing session. Now that we've talked about the much feared flat iron let's talk about it's evil side kick the blow dryer. This tool can cause just as much, if not more, damage as the flat iron. Naturals tend to feel safer using a blow dryer on high heat and with out any heat protectant. STOP DOING THAT! It's seriously the worst and will fry your hair with a quickness.

3. Get out of your head- Keep it simple and get your hands out of your hair. Your twist out doesn't need to be fresh every single day and a bun or low manipulation style is your best friend. Think of ways to stretch your styles: buns, puffs and even wash and gos are great low manipulation options for prolonging styles.

4. Protective Style with a plan - Naturalistas everywhere will tell you that protective styling is KEY but what they won't tell you is that long term protective styles can do more harm than good if your hair is not properly cared for. When I go into a long term style I like to have a plan: a start date, a take out date, and a hair care regimen that is easy to stick by. It sounds like much but having a plan of action keeps me on track for optimal length retention results. During my last protective style which lasted about 6 weeks I was able to grow and retain almost three quarters of an inch of hair which I mostly accredit to my regimen.

5. Learn from your mistakes. - When it comes to my natural hair, I've done everything wrong. And I do mean everything. I've over processed and I've had heat damage. I've over conditioned and suffered from protein over load. I've done the disastrous at home cut and I've kept my mouth shut in a stylist's chair when I should have spoken up. But guess what? I won't be making any of those mistakes (unknowingly) again. As it is in life, we have to learn from from the past in order to grow. Once you've had a setback, decide to see the lesson in it and be sure to remember it for the future.

So tell me about your natural hair setbacks. Have you had any? What did you learn from them? Sound off!

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Shea Moisture Zanzibar Marine Complex Review

I intended to do a video review of this BUT I figure that I can go a little more in depth with my thoughts on this forum. I used the Shea Moisture Zanzibar Marine Complex line twice before I made my demo video and wrote the review because I wanted to be able to give you guys my full thoughts.


The first product in the line is the shampoo and based on it's performance the first go around I am really excited about this shampoo. The shampoo has a pearlescent look to it and a soft almost creamy texture which made me believe that it would not be extremely stripping. While using, I noticed the shampoo did lather but it also felt very soft in my hair and even had some slip. I was so excited because I feel that most cleansing shampoos (even the ones that claim to restore moisture) just suck all forms of moisture out of my strands and then I have to work extra hard in trying to restore it. After rinsing the cleanser from my hair my hair felt clean yet soft and moisturized. 


Because the shampoo performed so well, I was doubly excited when it came time to use the conditioner. Unfortunately, I found myself to be underwhelmed after using it. Where the shampoo was moisturizing, creamy,  and even had some slip that allowed me to detangle, the conditioner provided minimal slip and I felt it was not strong enough in conditioning my hair. I look to a conditioner to soften my hair and I felt that it more sat on my my hair without penetrating the surface.

Leave In Conditioner

The texture of the leave in conditioner is akin to that of lotion and the Shea Moisture Zanzibar Complex Leave in claims to work as a dual leave in and styler. I thought that this product may be perfect for the summer months when you don't want product overload. I was initially excited about the product packaging which featured a spray pump but was disappointed after use because I could not gauge how much I was using. The first time I used the leave in, I used entirely too much product which resulted in me having super flaky and hard hair. The second go around I used less product and found the leave in to be more pleasant.


This was the product I was most skeptical about seeing as it claims to give hair soft and beachy waves and definitely do not have soft and beachy, wavy textured hair. In my opinion this product was definitely unneeded and I felt like I was just spraying salt water perfume in my hair. It did not provide me with any extra moisture or give my style any hold and I would definitely recommend that kinky, curly, coily girls leave this one on the shelf.


Overall I think that this line of products is not for me. While I enjoyed the light and almost perfume like scent during my unboxing video, it was entirely too heavy when all of the products were used in conjunction with one another. The true gem in this collection was the shampoo and I can definitely see myself repurchasing it (it may just become a staple!) I think that this product line would definitely greatly benefit with the addition of masque or deep conditioner which I believe Shea Moisture excels at producing. The greatest failure of line was by far the unneeded sea salt spray which did nothing for my hair and literally sat on top of the other products and created undesirable flakes in my hair. All in all, I think that this line would be great for women with looser textured hair and finer strands,

Let me know what you guys think! Have you tried it? Loved it, hated it, or in between? I'd love to hear from you!