How to Look Better Part Two

Smiling is a foolproof way to look and feel better

Let's chat some ore about how to look and feel better in 2015! I know that so many of us are looking for the next product or makeup technique to help us be the fairest of them all, but we all know that true beauty starts from within. At least that's what Disney taught me.

My first tip for looking better in 2015 is to LOG OFF. I wish I could say it one thousand times but I still don't think it would be enough. So many of us are obsessed with our social media platforms that we never fully take our attention off of them. Every meal, thought, picture, or memory is somehow shared with the entire world. I implore you to STOP. Even if it's for a few hours, enjoy a phone free meal or have a conversation while riding in the car. I promise you'll enjoy yourself.

My second piece of advice is going to sound odd but it is so necessary and simple: Be selfish! I know someone just clutched their pearls but let me convince you that this isn't a terrible idea. No body (and I do mean nobody) can look after you like you do. You truly have your own best interests at heart while others (who may have good intentions) will have their own interests at the forefront of their mind. Don't feel bad for doing something completely for yourself or saying no to something when it does not fulfill any of your wants and needs.

This last little nugget is going to be the toughest for most women as we are our own biggest critics. Four simple words will change your life: be nice to yourself. Does that sound crazy? it shouldn't! I find it funny that a woman would look in the mirror and tell herself that she's fat or ugly or just not ENOUGH period when she would never even dream of saying that to another woman's face. Ridiculous! We have to stop searching for our shortcomings and weaknesses and start celebrating our strengths. Imagine a young girl could hear everything terrible you thought about yourself. Would you want her to repeat it? I didn't think so. 

How will you all achieve looking better in 2015? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time.