A Very Real Rent the Runway Review

Let’s talk about the subscription service that every girl wants.


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For about a year, I have been THROWING my money at Rent the Runway. It’s kind of a problem but I’ve wanted to invest in this service for a long time. After hearing several people sing its praises and years of putting a bunch of pieces on my wish list without actually renting anything, I finally broke down and handed over my credit card information.


Let’s get into it: this ain’t cheap. My first month was $89. I thought okay cool we can manage this. Then that price JUMPED and I was shooketh. Your girl was not equipped for that charge. And every month it still feels like a shock. If I’m being honest, the price for four rentals at a time does at times seem a little high. If you’re the type of person that like constantly having different options for your closet or if you attend several special events per month then this price may be worth it. If not? I would skip it and maybe rent for specific special events. The good news? You can pause your subscription at anytime for up to three months or even cancel and resubscribe at a later date. For your first month, take advantage of someone’s discount code OR the $80 off incentive.


Now this is where it gets sticky for me. On one hand, the Rent the Runway takes away the hassle of shopping for a new outfit anytime you have a special event or want something cute for everyday. It saves time, money, and prevents me from having to venture out into the public. That being said, the turn around time isn’t great. If you want a new piece by Saturday, your best bet is to take your return to UPS on Monday. This way, it will be received on Wednesday and you can immediately order your next piece. I would also advise having a back up piece for whatever you really want to order. If you have great taste, the item that you want are probably very popular and could be unavailable. Staying on top of your rental schedule is important because you get your money’s worth that way. One time I had the same four items for a whole month because I wasn’t proactive about planning my rentals. What a waste!


If you love labels and unusual finds, the selection on Rent the Runway is your bestie. RTR features pieces from high end designers such as Phillip Lim as well as everyday brands like J. Crew. There are also some great finds from fashion favorites such as Opening Ceremony and DVF. Pieces range from casual to formal to eccentric and there are options for almost every occasion. It should also be noted that you can rent some awesome accessories such as handbags and jewelry that will amp up any look.


I feel like after a year of renting, I’ve got my process down to a science. I have a complete profile on Rent the Runway with my accurate age, height, and weight. This is helpful because the service will recommend sizes for you. This is helpful but I still comb through reviews in case an item runs large or small.

Every Saturday, I click on the new arrivals link and turn off the available by date. This way, you can see all of the new styles that have come in. Next, I heart EVERYTHING that I like. EV.ER.Y.THING. Next, I go back through my hearts and consider any upcoming events or shoots that I have planned. Anything that fits that those themes, gets put onto my Next Order List. I keep more than four but less than twelve items on this list (it gets cluttered really easily). This way, when my returned item is received, I can immediately go to my next order list and pick out what I want.

For items that I previously rented that I really loved, I have a list called order again. On this list are staples such as little black dresses that fit exceptionally well and trendy pieces that I wouldn’t necessarily purchase but were fun to wear.

As I previously mentioned, I try to return my items about a week before I need my next item. This is enough turn around time for me to get my next piece in time for when I need it.

Overall, I like Rent the Runway. Is it a necessary service? Absolutely not. When my budget gets tight it’s the very first thing to get cut. Is it fun? Of course! Is it great for bloggers? No doubt. Will it replace your closet? Yes and No. You’ll get some great pieces that you can wear as often as you like, but you still need basics. I would recommend this subscription to anyone who needs a rotating closet for their everyday needs.