Natural Hair | Product Recommendations for High and Low Porosity

nowing your hair's porosity will help you greatly on your natural hair journey.

Before we get into product recommendations let's talk about porosity and why it matters.

Now that you know your porosity let's talk about products.

Product Guide for High Porosity

Product Guide for High Porosity

If you have high porosity hair, it is important to maintain a good moisture protein balance. This will keep your hair healthy and strong. Any product that smooths frizz is great for naturals with high porosity hair. 

Product Guide for Low Porosity Hair

Product Guide for Low Porosity Hair

Low porosity natural benefit greatly from the use of humectants that draw moisture into the hair and oils that penetrate the cuticle. If you have low porosity hair, look for products that will deeply moisturize and condition and contain emollients such as shea butter, coconut oil, or olive oil.



Perfect Gifts For The Product Junkie In Your Life

or for yourself...

"Tis the season of giving! Finding the perfect gift for the one you love can be stressful and time consuming. Most of us opt to give a simple gift card of cold hard cash but nothing says I was thinking about you more than a personalized gift. 

If you know in woman (or man) with natural hair, chances are they are a product junkie with a lengthy wishlist full of products and gadgets. Below is a list of some of the hottest natural hair products sure to please any naturalista you know if given over the Holiday season.

A Natural Hair Wishlist

A Natural Hair Wishlist

Eden Body Works Coconut Shea review

Two basic items necessary to sustain life are sunshine and coconut milk. -Dustin Hoffman

The Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Line

The Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Line

Announcement: I am pretty sure that I'm in loooooooveeee.... with Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea line. It's basically perfect and I'm so excited that I finally tried it after passing it over on the shelves for so long. 

The Coconut She Line by EdenBodyWorks is an all natural product line geared towards women who love their natural hair. The line features a shampoo, co-wash, deep treatment masque, leave in conditioner, oil, curl defining creme, and a curl pudding. Basically there's a little something for everyone.

Because there's only one, I'll start with the CON:

- I strongly dislike when hair products are packaged in jars. It creates so much opportunity for waste. I always imagine jars of my favorite product falling, slow motion, in the shower never to be returned to me. Many of these products are packaged in jars and I wish they were in some sort of pump bottle or squeeze tube.

Now on to the Pros:

- Everything in this line smells like a tropical island. It makes me think of summer but the coconut scent is not overpowering or overwhelming.

- Each product plays well with others in the line as well as products from other brands. My fear when buying new products is always that they won't fit in with my staples, but each of these holds its own.

- All of the products are thick and rich which I absolutely LOVE! When testing out this coconut shea line each of the products (other than the shampoo and leave in) were very smooth and thick which I feel like suits my type 4 hair texture.

- Lastly, I feel like you get a ton of bang for your buck. Natural hair products can be EXPENSIVE and will run out like that (snaps fingers) but I feel like these products by Eden BodyWorks will last for quite awhile and they are in the mid price range which I definitely appreciate.

So tell me: what are your favorite hair products? Have you tried Eden BodyWorks? Do you love it as much as I do?

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