Battle of the (Shampoo) Bars

I feel like we're at the point where we know each other so hopefully you all know that I don't push products that I don't believe in. It's really as simple as that. If it isn't something that's going to benefit my lovely readers then its not the move. Simple as that. And if you have been following me for long enough, you've seen me post about My Fluffy Puffs products before. When I tell y'all I stan for this brand, I mean I STAN for it. It's black owned and operated, woman owned and operated, they move with integrity, and the customer service/shipping is on fleek. Not to mention that the products are bomb (btw this isn't paid or sponsored, I just really love their products). The hair care brand recently dropped a new Shampoo/Body bar which was supposed to be a limited run but it has been hinted that the Lavish Bar would make a comeback. That being said, I though It would only be appropriate to do a review comparing the new Lavish Bar to my old faithful Rhassoul Bar by My Fluffy Puffs. I'll go through point by point and hClopefully you can decide which one you would like to try.


Hands down the lavish bar cleaned my scalp and hair more than the Rhassoul Clay Bar. As a matter of fact there was no need to do a second was with the lavish bar as the first time did the trick. The lavish bar created suds immediately while the rhassoul clay bar didn't get "soapy" until the second shampoo. This is probably due to the activated charcoal in the lavish bar which helps detoxify.


On the other end, the Rhassoul Clay bar maintained my hair's moisture and didn't strip my stands which was nice. I don't do a deep clean on my hair every time I wash so this gentle cleanse is appreciated. When using the Rhassoul Clay bar, I can have a lazier wash day because I don't have to incorporate as much deep conditioning.

Curl Poppage

Understanding that poppage isn't a real word but I feel like we see each other here. Which one of these shampoos gave my curls the more bounce and definition? The Lavish Bar. I think because it was so cleansing, my hair was free from product build up which can weigh down strands.

Overall Thoughts

The Rhassoul bar is still bae and I feel like it's something that I can keep in rotation for my weekly washes. My hair always feels soft, clean, and moisturized after using it. I would keep the lavish bar the once a month detoxifying wash that I do which helps my scalp and hair stay fresh and clean.

Which bar are you interested in trying out?



My Fluffy Puffs Natural Hair Product Review

Ya know, just business as usual over here...

I'm not going to lie, this feels weird... BUT here we go..........

I have to recommend that you guys try these products. They are definitely dope. Support #blackgirlmagic

A few weeks go I posted a picture on Instagram (join the fam and stuff) and the owner of the hair care company My Fluffy Puffs contacted me and asked If I was interested in trying her products and after an online investigation and seeing how cool these product looked I had to say yes. These aren't my normal shampoos and leave ins that I get at Target: I have actually never tried a  real shampoo bar OR a product with Biotin in it so I was pretty excited.

I started off with the Rhassoul Clay Shampoo and Body Bar and I have to admit that using it was a strange experience for me. I'm used to liquid shampoo in a bottle and while I have used Bentonite Clay before I've never experienced Rhassoul Clay (Although I have heard amazing things). I started by sectioning my hair off and realized that was a mistake. I feel as though the purpose of a shampoo bar is to cleanse the scalp deeply.  The first round of cleansing I saw a lot of dirt coming out of my hair/scalp however because my hair was dirty from sweat and product there wasn't a ton of sudsing going on. But that second wash though? Suds galore AND the curls were popping.  The shampoo bar left my hair feeling squeaky clean but oddly enough not stripped. There was no matting, tangling, or brittleness.

The Bottom Line | GET IT! It's the bomb.

To moisturize my situation I picked up the Tropical Mango and Monoi Whip. The smell of this is amazing and left my hair easy to style. Any girl with thick, coarse, type 4 hair, knows that's no small feat. I think that this hair product will great for me when it gets ridiculously cold and dry outside. That being said, I'm going to store it for about a month or so. This isn't so much a reflection of the product so much as it is me knowing my hair. Shea butter and other heavier oils don't like me unless it's super cold and my hair is in a protective style.

The Bottom Line | I know this is about to be my boo in about a month so I know I'll update you then.

Lastly, I used the product I was most curious about, the Twist Frosting with Biotin. I've never actually tried a product with Biotin in it and while I could not find any research that says Biotin applied topically will help your hair, I'm sure it couldn't hurt. Full confession, I didn't read the directions before I used this for the first time so I did a twist out on completely dry hair and apparently you're supposed to use the Twist Frosting on damp hair. Take two, I applied the twist frosting on about 75% dry hair so there was a little dampness after I used my normal leave in conditioner. Initially I was nervous as there appeared to be some white flakes popping up meaning that my products didn't play well together. To my surprise the flakes dissipated and I was left with juicy twists and an even more bomb twist out (again, join the instafam). 

The Bottom Line | Yasssssss. Do it.

I hope you guys check out My Fluffy Puffs! If you do tell me what you think,

Curls Unleashed Shea Butter and Honey Curl Defining Creme

The natural hair snob is humbled by a product she never thought she'd try...

I'm a snob. Well Only when it comes to my hair. I'm definitely the girl that can stand in the beauty aisle for an hour reading every single product's ingredient label, checking my phone for reviews, smell testing, texture testing, etc. It's a bit of the problem.

After a six month long no buy during which I vowed to use up my embarrassingly large product stash I looked in my bathroom cabinet to discover I had no styling products. THE HORROR! I need a fix and fast so I decided to go to Wal-Mart. Again, THE HORROR (I'm a Target girl). With low expectations I went to the "ethnic beauty" section (more on that later) and started my usual routine. I read, and tested, and analyzed, and finally decided that for the price of just under ten dollars, the Curls Unleashed Shea Butter and Honey Curl Defining Creme would do.

Maybe it's because I wasn't expecting much but this product really blew me away. My initial choice was based on those first five ingredients that I'm always obsessing about (the first five being the ingredients used in the largest quantities in the product and thus the most effective.); water, coconut oil, shea butter, and soybean oil were all right there. Color me impressed. But still, I was cautious. I mean this was a five dollar product.

Using this creme left my hair soft, fluffy and moisturized. The fro was definitely on point. After using it to install some mini twists I had seriously juicy and well moisturized twists. At this point I was sold. The Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Honey Curl Defining Creme (that's a mouthful) will definitely have a permanent home in my stash. I honestly feel like I've hit the proverbial jackpot in this affordable product especially for the price point.

Have you tried the ORS Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Honey Curl Defining Creme? What are your thoughts?

Holy Grail Status | Especially Hair Moisture Foundation Masque

If there's one thing I love, it's a GOOD deep conditioner.

I could talk about deep conditioners all damn day. Literally. My favorite deep conditioners, DIY Deep Conditioners, the worst deep conditioners... All damn day. I'm like the Bubba Gump of deep conditioners. That being said I have found a product that I am absolutely in LOVE with. 

This stuff has changed my life. Okay, maybe not my life. Maybe just my hair.

This stuff has changed my life. Okay, maybe not my life. Maybe just my hair.

A representative from Especially Hair reached out to me and after checking out the website I was halfway sold on the product (I'm a sucker for a good web design, product marketing, and good packaging). First of all, let's talk about how this is black owned company. That alone gives me life. The product line was inspired by a young woman's need for hair care products to use after swimming. You all know the struggle of post- swim hair and preventing dryness and chlorine damage can be difficult.

While I haven't been doing much swimming this year I have been trying to combat dryness with every wash day. When I finally tried the Especially Hair Moisture Foundation Deep Conditioner I was in desperate need of an intensive conditioning treatment. Looking at the ingredients of this product automatically made me happy: the first five ingredients encourage the highest level of moisture and health for your dry or damaged hair. Glycerin and water are holy grail moisturizers and glycerin encourages ongoing moisture. The jojoba oil encourages a healthy scalp and hair growth as it mimics the sebum that our bodies naturally produce  and the avocado oil leaves your hair extra soft and touchable. Lastly we have the natural hair superstar: apple cider vinegar which revived my curls almost immediately and left them soft and bouncy. Are you in love yet?

The texture of this product is a little different from what you would expect in a deep conditioner: It's not super creamy or heavy. In fact quite the opposite, the Moisture Foundation Masque is light and and slippery. This makes detangling an absolute breeze and the product doesn't sit on top of your hair and weigh it down after it's been rinsed out. After using the Moisture Foundation I didn't need to use a regular conditioner and my hair was soft and light. I especially loved that this didn't leave and product residue and my hair still felt CLEAN after using it.

My only con I have about this product is the price. At thirty two dollars it is quite expensive when compared to other deep treatments. That being said, I plan on buying this product and the Enhance Daily Conditioner by Especially Hair very soon.

Product Rundown and Review | B&HF Extensions Hair Crush Products

All products were sent to me for use and review however, this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

A complete rundown of all the awesome products by B&HF Extensions.

A complete rundown of all the awesome products by B&HF Extensions.

As you guys have probably noticed my hairstyle has been very different as of late. If you follow me on YouTube or Instagram then you probably saw that I have been working with a pretty dope company called B&HF Extensions. B&HF Extensions is a small black owned business based in Georgia that exclusively supplies Premium Peruvian Hair. I have done several reviews and tutorials of their hair on my channel but today I want to showcase their awesome hair care products.

B&HF Extensions has a full line of hair care products that are great for your own hair AND your hair extensions. 

First and foremost I have to say that all of these products are salon quality. You will not find anything similar at the drugstore or Target for a similar price. The line ranges from your shampoo and conditioner (as well as a co wash) to heat protectant and a life giving shine serum. Everything smells amazing but the scent is not over powering and when using the products all together you will not smell like you dumped a bottle of perfume on yourself. The shampoo, co wash, and leave in conditioner have worked wonders on my natural hair and I have found myself rationing the product to hold on to it for a little while longer.

The products that I have been using mainly for my hair extensions are the Blowing Kisses Heat Activated Thermal Protect Spray, Kandy Kisses Spray Laminate, Silk Nectar Shine Serum. These products have kept all of my units looking fresh and helped protect the color that I applied.

My favorite products from the line are the leave in conditioner (which says quite a bit seeing as I normally don't like spray leave in conditioners), the Incredible Moisturizing Shampoo,  and the shine serum. That being said, all of the products are simply amazing and come highly recommended by mw. If you would like to purchase the products check out the B&HF Hair Extensions site here.

Let me know if you guys are interested in trying these products!


Eden Body Works Coconut Shea review

Two basic items necessary to sustain life are sunshine and coconut milk. -Dustin Hoffman

The Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Line

The Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Line

Announcement: I am pretty sure that I'm in loooooooveeee.... with Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea line. It's basically perfect and I'm so excited that I finally tried it after passing it over on the shelves for so long. 

The Coconut She Line by EdenBodyWorks is an all natural product line geared towards women who love their natural hair. The line features a shampoo, co-wash, deep treatment masque, leave in conditioner, oil, curl defining creme, and a curl pudding. Basically there's a little something for everyone.

Because there's only one, I'll start with the CON:

- I strongly dislike when hair products are packaged in jars. It creates so much opportunity for waste. I always imagine jars of my favorite product falling, slow motion, in the shower never to be returned to me. Many of these products are packaged in jars and I wish they were in some sort of pump bottle or squeeze tube.

Now on to the Pros:

- Everything in this line smells like a tropical island. It makes me think of summer but the coconut scent is not overpowering or overwhelming.

- Each product plays well with others in the line as well as products from other brands. My fear when buying new products is always that they won't fit in with my staples, but each of these holds its own.

- All of the products are thick and rich which I absolutely LOVE! When testing out this coconut shea line each of the products (other than the shampoo and leave in) were very smooth and thick which I feel like suits my type 4 hair texture.

- Lastly, I feel like you get a ton of bang for your buck. Natural hair products can be EXPENSIVE and will run out like that (snaps fingers) but I feel like these products by Eden BodyWorks will last for quite awhile and they are in the mid price range which I definitely appreciate.

So tell me: what are your favorite hair products? Have you tried Eden BodyWorks? Do you love it as much as I do?

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Until Next time!



Shea Moisture Zanzibar Marine Complex Review

I intended to do a video review of this BUT I figure that I can go a little more in depth with my thoughts on this forum. I used the Shea Moisture Zanzibar Marine Complex line twice before I made my demo video and wrote the review because I wanted to be able to give you guys my full thoughts.


The first product in the line is the shampoo and based on it's performance the first go around I am really excited about this shampoo. The shampoo has a pearlescent look to it and a soft almost creamy texture which made me believe that it would not be extremely stripping. While using, I noticed the shampoo did lather but it also felt very soft in my hair and even had some slip. I was so excited because I feel that most cleansing shampoos (even the ones that claim to restore moisture) just suck all forms of moisture out of my strands and then I have to work extra hard in trying to restore it. After rinsing the cleanser from my hair my hair felt clean yet soft and moisturized. 


Because the shampoo performed so well, I was doubly excited when it came time to use the conditioner. Unfortunately, I found myself to be underwhelmed after using it. Where the shampoo was moisturizing, creamy,  and even had some slip that allowed me to detangle, the conditioner provided minimal slip and I felt it was not strong enough in conditioning my hair. I look to a conditioner to soften my hair and I felt that it more sat on my my hair without penetrating the surface.

Leave In Conditioner

The texture of the leave in conditioner is akin to that of lotion and the Shea Moisture Zanzibar Complex Leave in claims to work as a dual leave in and styler. I thought that this product may be perfect for the summer months when you don't want product overload. I was initially excited about the product packaging which featured a spray pump but was disappointed after use because I could not gauge how much I was using. The first time I used the leave in, I used entirely too much product which resulted in me having super flaky and hard hair. The second go around I used less product and found the leave in to be more pleasant.


This was the product I was most skeptical about seeing as it claims to give hair soft and beachy waves and definitely do not have soft and beachy, wavy textured hair. In my opinion this product was definitely unneeded and I felt like I was just spraying salt water perfume in my hair. It did not provide me with any extra moisture or give my style any hold and I would definitely recommend that kinky, curly, coily girls leave this one on the shelf.


Overall I think that this line of products is not for me. While I enjoyed the light and almost perfume like scent during my unboxing video, it was entirely too heavy when all of the products were used in conjunction with one another. The true gem in this collection was the shampoo and I can definitely see myself repurchasing it (it may just become a staple!) I think that this product line would definitely greatly benefit with the addition of masque or deep conditioner which I believe Shea Moisture excels at producing. The greatest failure of line was by far the unneeded sea salt spray which did nothing for my hair and literally sat on top of the other products and created undesirable flakes in my hair. All in all, I think that this line would be great for women with looser textured hair and finer strands,

Let me know what you guys think! Have you tried it? Loved it, hated it, or in between? I'd love to hear from you!