Reclaiming My Time

Taking a page from the book of Maxine Waters and reclaiming my time.

This is how you stand when someone's wasting your time and you're about to snatch it back.

This is how you stand when someone's wasting your time and you're about to snatch it back.

Last week, Representative Maxine Waters of California pretty much stopped the world when she boldly and unapologetically spoke the now infamous words, "Reclaiming My Time" in an effort to stop a man who was, essentially, trying to waste it. When the offending gentleman protested against this proclamation, Rep. Waters got a bit deeper and explained to him that, "when you are on my time, I can reclaim it". It was at this moment that Black Twitter imploded and the foolery began. With memes, gifs, album covers, and gospel remakes galore the gentlewoman from California basically broke the internet machine a la Beyonce circa 2013. While I participated in the shenanigans and still listen to the gospel remix as part of my morning regimen (because motivation) I started to think about those three words on a deeper level.


In an effort to live more intentionally and rid myself of some pretty nasty anxiety I've been cutting out things, people, and habits that do not serve a purpose in my life. This means giant closet purges, being disciplined enough to avoid sinkholes that would lead self-destructive behavior (that's a work in progress) and enacting a firm "Stay over there. No, further away, please" policy. Honestly, it's not fun and can feel terribly isolating but I know every time I distance myself from someone or something, I'm making room for something better. With all of these changes, I still find myself feeling like all of my time is being stolen from me. Morning rushes into afternoon and afternoon melts into the night and next thing you know I've gone another day without accomplishing anything meaningful. 

So now, it only makes sense that I reclaim my precious time. You know, that thing you can never get back? As a chronic procrastinator and people pleaser, I watch my time run away from me on a daily basis. Should I do that thing that will actually add value to my life or scroll on Instagram for two and a half hours? That person is calling you again and whats you to basically work for free? Go ahead and answer and tell them yes because people's opinion of you matters. Recently I have come to realize that I am allowed to be selfish and meticulous with my time. Hell, even downright miserly. Because it's mine and when you're on my time I can reclaim it.

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What or who are you reclaiming your time from?

Real Life Introvert, Internet Imposter

The best and worst thing about the internet is that you can be whoever you want to be.

Confession: I've been cat fishing you guys all this time. Okay that's a bit of exaggeration. But I have been pretending a little bit. 

The internet is an amazing place where one can have certain degree of anonymity. Most people who follow me on my Youtube Channel, Instagram, or here don't know me in real life and can only see what I choose to show. So naturally I show you guys the best: The best outfits, hair, and makeup. I seem outgoing and personable. Keyword: seem. 

Full disclosure, in real life I am the most awkward, introverted, and inwardly focused person you have ever met (says every single introverted person ever). I would much rather sit in awkward silence than start a conversation with someone I don't fully know and groups of people actually drain me. So to say that I've been pretending is fairly accurate.

That being said, my inward nature is the main reason I thrive on internet platforms. As a creative it's an amazing outlet where I can place my work without ACTUALLY interacting with people. From the comfort of my home and in my complete solitude I can reach people I normally would never talk to.

So tell me, who are you pretending to be on the internet?

Bad Girls Do It Better?

Why am I holding on to this wall? I don't know

Why am I holding on to this wall? I don't know

Bloggers love to look at their feet

Bloggers love to look at their feet

I recently did a video collab with an awesome Youtuber named Jennyfer Ross. By recently, I mean today, as in it just went up. I'll have the video down below. Because I love ya. Any who, Jennyfer had the awesome to do kind of a bad girl look and I loved it! The idea is a bit of departure from my style because I generally have a more subdued style. I occasionally am afraid to play with different aesthetics because I already know what "works" for me. But why not step outside the box and have a little fun? What do you guys like to wear when you want to cut loose and change it up?

Black and White and Spring All Over

Oh, I heard about you. I was waiting on you at the door. - Foxy

Please excuse all of the snit (snow + shit = snit) that is all around me in these pictures. I can't tell you how much I am ready for spring. My body is just waiting for the warmth to surround me. Until then I suppose I will enjoy these mid 30s and 40s temperatures that I like to call "pre spring". These days feel damn near toasty compared to the sub zero temps Upstate NY was experiencing throughout February.

Despite the warmer climate, I'm still into this darker and more simplistic color palette. I used to be the color and pattern queen but I guess I've toned it down since my college days. I love wearing and buying g black and white pieces because you can create so many looks with them!

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As always, thank you so mo much for stopping by and reading!

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Revisiting Prep

I basically want to be James Spader in Pretty In Pink... minus the assholery.

Thrifted Tweed Jacket and Sweater Vest

I wish I could say that I have always been "on trend" but that would be a lie. I had very sensible parents who made me wear coats that covered my bottom in the wintertime and jeans that didn't show off my underwear while Britney Spears was wearing hip huggers and showing her butt dimples to all the world. Basically, I had a terrible childhood. So you might have guessed that I completely missed the faux prep trend which was pretty devastating. 

I know I'm not the only one who remember the double A&F half button downs with BOTH collars popped. Or the "aviator" sunglasses that literally every girl (except me) had. Looking back, I realized that this was not true "prep". Real prep attire means old money and tradition. Think boarding school and letterman jackets and plaid and historic libraries steeped in privilege. That's true prep! So I wanted to revisit the trend for a day and feel like I went to an Ivy League institution.

The boy said I looked like I came out of the 80s and I think that's the perfect description. I was definitely going for the villain in a brat pack movie and I definitely think I scored!

The Look

Jacket | Thrifted

Button Down | Borrowed from the Boy

Vest | My Mother's

Jeans | Old

Bag | Vintage

Shoes | Aldo (old)

Let me know what trends you missed out on and which ones you would like to revisit!

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Chic Holiday Cocktails + Altuzarra for Target

A true lover always feels in debt to the one he loves. - Robert W. Sockman

I'm back with another holiday inspired look and today we're going a little more formal. While the last look was a little casual and more suited for a night with your girls, this look is better suited for a date night with a loved one or a party at a cozy cocktail lounge.

I bought this dress as part of the Altuzarra for Target collaboration (you can watch my review here) and while I know so many bloggers have already posted their looks featuring this line but I needed to get my whole look together.

This beautiful draped dress reminds me of Old Hollywood Glamour; the color is so rich and it plays a sort of peekaboo game showing skin in certain places and covering up with the long sleeves. When I tried the dress on I was a bit overwhelmed by the sexiness of it all. To down play the sultry I wore the dress with a pair of black leather front pants and I added another touch of glamour with a vintage fur coat.

I really love this look because it is modern yet it evokes an older feel. I will definitely be pairing more dresses with pants for a sophisticated and pulled together look.

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