Goals and Plans Over Resolutions

Look back at all of your past New Year's Resolutions... did you keep any of them?

I can remember back to some of my earliest New Year's Resolutions: made when I was around ten year's old I VOWED that I would stop eating four Double Stuffed Oreos everyday for lunch. A few days in I failed miserably and ate my routine four Double Stuffed Oreos as part of my school lunch. Why? Well first of all, Oreos are delicious and secondly, I had no plan. I never said to myself, "Instead of asking my dad to buy Oreos from now on I'll ask him to buy a healthier alternative". I just decided to let the tempting double stuffed goodness of said Oreos sit in the kitchen pantry just waiting for me to give in and break my extremely superficial and pointless New Year's Resolution.

Why do all of your New Year's Resolutions get thrown by the wayside?

Why do all of your New Year's Resolutions get thrown by the wayside?

Fast forward to the adult life (which by the way is not as much fun as The Real World made it seem AND there are no Double Stuffed Oreos for fear of having to purchase an entirely new wardrobe) and here I am still resolving to do things that never actually get done. Why? Again, because I have no plan. Which is also the main reason that most adults fail when it comes to New Year's Resolutions or any goals that they set for themselves. 

Lately I have been writing down my goals and making real plans, a step by step guide if you will, on how I will achieve them. Late in December I sat down and really thought about what I wanted out of this year and then a few days later I sat down again and asked, "How am I going to get there?".  I look at these goals every single day and each night before I go to bed, I make a list of all the things I need to do in order to be one step closer to achieving my desires. It may seem like a lot and maybe it is but think about it as taking small bites of a very large pie over a long period of time instead of waiting until it is almost gone bad and trying to gobble it down all at once.

How are you tackling your goals for 2016? Let me know in the comments below!


The Year of Humility

Just when you though you had it all figured out...

Have you ever though that you were winning at life, like really winning? Everything was going according to your plans (which is part of the problem), everything seemed to be falling in place, and then something comes along and grounds you. Like really grounds you. That was 2015 for me. This has seriously been one of the most interesting years of short existence. But I refuse to see it as a failure. I've had a ton of wins but I've also had about twice the amount of lessons and I'm grateful for most of them (it's probably going to take me a little longer to be grateful for a few of them though). I've discovered do much about myself: what I'm capable of, what I need to work on, how resilient I am and plan to use these to better my future. I really and truly believe it can only get better from here.

Chic Holiday Cocktails + Winter Crop Tops

Now is the winter of our discontent. -William Shakespeare

It's that time of year again! Time for all sorts of boozy get togethers and cookie exchanges are happening and I'm so excited. I know that the winter season can bring on some trying times but I try to see the beauty in the season: I love seeing snow and decorative lights lining the streets and just the buzzing excitement is so refreshing to see.

Crop tops were kind of THE THING of summer 2014 and they were everywhere. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't comfortable enough in my body to rock them in public. I'm now at a place where I want to wear them and I've basically decided that midriff baring tops are appropriate for every season. So here I am in sub freezing weather rocking my crop top like I'm not cold. Luckily I'll do almost anything for style so it wasn't unbearable.

I love this look because it's festive yet casual. The full midi skirt keep the look from v peering into street walker/Kardashian territory and the sheer panel gives it just a tad bit of edge. This is definitely for cocktails on girl's night as only other females can truly appreciate our crazy fashion whims and this look is probably an official man repeller. It practically screams I watch Sex and the City marathons and I'm TOTES a Samantha (everyone thinks they're Samantha).

No matter which Sex and the City character you truly embody, I encourage everyone to try something that makes them just a little uncomfortable before the close of 2014. For me it was crop tops. I definitely have a few more things to cross of the list but we're taking baby steps here.

So tell me what's the one thing you want to do in the month of December?

Until Next Time...