Reclaiming My Time

Taking a page from the book of Maxine Waters and reclaiming my time.

This is how you stand when someone's wasting your time and you're about to snatch it back.

This is how you stand when someone's wasting your time and you're about to snatch it back.

Last week, Representative Maxine Waters of California pretty much stopped the world when she boldly and unapologetically spoke the now infamous words, "Reclaiming My Time" in an effort to stop a man who was, essentially, trying to waste it. When the offending gentleman protested against this proclamation, Rep. Waters got a bit deeper and explained to him that, "when you are on my time, I can reclaim it". It was at this moment that Black Twitter imploded and the foolery began. With memes, gifs, album covers, and gospel remakes galore the gentlewoman from California basically broke the internet machine a la Beyonce circa 2013. While I participated in the shenanigans and still listen to the gospel remix as part of my morning regimen (because motivation) I started to think about those three words on a deeper level.


In an effort to live more intentionally and rid myself of some pretty nasty anxiety I've been cutting out things, people, and habits that do not serve a purpose in my life. This means giant closet purges, being disciplined enough to avoid sinkholes that would lead self-destructive behavior (that's a work in progress) and enacting a firm "Stay over there. No, further away, please" policy. Honestly, it's not fun and can feel terribly isolating but I know every time I distance myself from someone or something, I'm making room for something better. With all of these changes, I still find myself feeling like all of my time is being stolen from me. Morning rushes into afternoon and afternoon melts into the night and next thing you know I've gone another day without accomplishing anything meaningful. 

So now, it only makes sense that I reclaim my precious time. You know, that thing you can never get back? As a chronic procrastinator and people pleaser, I watch my time run away from me on a daily basis. Should I do that thing that will actually add value to my life or scroll on Instagram for two and a half hours? That person is calling you again and whats you to basically work for free? Go ahead and answer and tell them yes because people's opinion of you matters. Recently I have come to realize that I am allowed to be selfish and meticulous with my time. Hell, even downright miserly. Because it's mine and when you're on my time I can reclaim it.

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What or who are you reclaiming your time from?

Goals and Plans Over Resolutions

Look back at all of your past New Year's Resolutions... did you keep any of them?

I can remember back to some of my earliest New Year's Resolutions: made when I was around ten year's old I VOWED that I would stop eating four Double Stuffed Oreos everyday for lunch. A few days in I failed miserably and ate my routine four Double Stuffed Oreos as part of my school lunch. Why? Well first of all, Oreos are delicious and secondly, I had no plan. I never said to myself, "Instead of asking my dad to buy Oreos from now on I'll ask him to buy a healthier alternative". I just decided to let the tempting double stuffed goodness of said Oreos sit in the kitchen pantry just waiting for me to give in and break my extremely superficial and pointless New Year's Resolution.

Why do all of your New Year's Resolutions get thrown by the wayside?

Why do all of your New Year's Resolutions get thrown by the wayside?

Fast forward to the adult life (which by the way is not as much fun as The Real World made it seem AND there are no Double Stuffed Oreos for fear of having to purchase an entirely new wardrobe) and here I am still resolving to do things that never actually get done. Why? Again, because I have no plan. Which is also the main reason that most adults fail when it comes to New Year's Resolutions or any goals that they set for themselves. 

Lately I have been writing down my goals and making real plans, a step by step guide if you will, on how I will achieve them. Late in December I sat down and really thought about what I wanted out of this year and then a few days later I sat down again and asked, "How am I going to get there?".  I look at these goals every single day and each night before I go to bed, I make a list of all the things I need to do in order to be one step closer to achieving my desires. It may seem like a lot and maybe it is but think about it as taking small bites of a very large pie over a long period of time instead of waiting until it is almost gone bad and trying to gobble it down all at once.

How are you tackling your goals for 2016? Let me know in the comments below!


My Life Is NOT On Fleek

Don't let Instagram fool you, none of us know what we're doing...

Zero fleek was used in the creation of this image

Do you ever look at your favorite blogger or vlogger and think, "I wish I had her life"? I mean who wouldn't, it's perfect. Her twist and curl is always super defined, her wardrobe is full of quirky pieces that just seem to go with her amazing personality, every dish she prepares or eats looks professionally plated, and if she has kids, they are the most fashionable and well behaved images of cuteness you have ever seen. Shit, I want that life. It looks fucking awesome. Too bad it doesn't exist.

You guys already know this but no one has a perfect life. Bloggers and social media stars present the BEST of their lives because it's their job. I personally would rather see a woman running around the city in her fabulous clothes a la Carrie Bradshaw than a woman crying into a pint chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (my favorite) over her latest lost love (coincidentally also in the vein of Carrie Bradshaw, homegirl was a MESS). We gravitate towards these images because they are a distraction from the cares of real life but don't get too invested in it. Because it's not real. Never delude yourself into thinking that someone's life or situation is better than  yours. Because honestly none of us know what we're doing, we're just frontin' for the 'gram.

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