Real Life Introvert, Internet Imposter

The best and worst thing about the internet is that you can be whoever you want to be.

Confession: I've been cat fishing you guys all this time. Okay that's a bit of exaggeration. But I have been pretending a little bit. 

The internet is an amazing place where one can have certain degree of anonymity. Most people who follow me on my Youtube Channel, Instagram, or here don't know me in real life and can only see what I choose to show. So naturally I show you guys the best: The best outfits, hair, and makeup. I seem outgoing and personable. Keyword: seem. 

Full disclosure, in real life I am the most awkward, introverted, and inwardly focused person you have ever met (says every single introverted person ever). I would much rather sit in awkward silence than start a conversation with someone I don't fully know and groups of people actually drain me. So to say that I've been pretending is fairly accurate.

That being said, my inward nature is the main reason I thrive on internet platforms. As a creative it's an amazing outlet where I can place my work without ACTUALLY interacting with people. From the comfort of my home and in my complete solitude I can reach people I normally would never talk to.

So tell me, who are you pretending to be on the internet?