A Summer Style Story: Flirty + Flowy Dresses

Summertime is always the best of what might be. - Charles Bowden

Words really can’t describe how I excited I am for summer. It may not be a big deal for all, but when you live in a state where the forecast is literally gray nine months out of the year, the breaking temperature is a welcome reprieve.


My favorite part about summer? That I can release myself from lumpy sweaters and constricting layers! I know some of us live for fall and winter fashion but summer style is really where I live. My favorite summer style staples are sundresses, fun and bold accessories, and of course, gigantic sunnies. Bright patterned dresses are great for a casual day around town AND they can be dressed up for a night out. I like to keep my accessories simple and complimentary: a pair of earrings with a sweet ruffle detail or two necklaces, layered with each other are awesome ways to give a simple look some dimension.


Ruffle Sleeve Wrap Midi Dress | Straw Round Bag | Necklace (similar) | Necklace (vintage)

Tell me, what are your favorite things to wear in the summer?

Modern Vintage?

Dress | Goodwill Coat | Asos Shoes | Target

I honestly hate oxymorons like Modern Vintage. Like what does that even mean? Vintage is vintage and modern is modern. I guess that's just the designer in me.

I'm in love with this dress. It makes me feel like a 70s cocktail waitress or an extra in Forrest Gump. The thin polyester fabric isn't really ideal for the frozen tundra that I call home but I think I can work it out; I've decided that I'm going to dress like it's spring time until mother nature inclines to my demands.

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The coat was another steal from ASOS and I'm already thinking of ways to pair it with other items in my closet. The faux fur collar is detachable which adds to the versatility.

Until Next Time...