Spring It On!

Where the hell are my spanky pants? - Bring It On

So am I the only one who spent the entire winter existing as a cave troll?  Yes? oh, well now this is awkward. Seriously though, I have shed my winter layers and it feels AHHHH-MAY-ZING. My skin is loving the warmth of the sun and a slightly cool breeze on perfect day is long overdue. I'm so excited for the nice weather that I'm planning on spending the entirety of my spring and summer in various degrees of undress.

This is my first OFFICIAL spring look and I think it's perfect. The mixed pattern of the dress really inspired me to play with pops of color and more patterns and I really hope I can explore patterns more during this season. 

Dress | Bag | Shoes | Watch

Thank you guys so much for checking in! I'm trying to be a more consistent blogger and give you guys more content!

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