Simply Summer

How difficult it is to be simple. -Irving Stone

The freedom of simplicity.

Can we just have an honest chat? Being on 100% 100% of the time is exhausting. And I'm not just talking about the superficial subjects of fashion and beauty. I'm talking about life in general. It's rough being that one person that's supposed to solve all of the problems and make all of the decisions and provide for everybody all the time. It's actually more than rough it's impossible.

I'm realizing that I'm going to have to scale back. Scale back being everything to everyone else but myself. Scale back on pretending that everything is 100% okay 100% of the time. Scale back on the front thatI put on for the world. Because it's exhausting.


I wish I had outfit details for you guys but I don't. The shorts, shirts, and bag are all from my favorite store Marshall's (don't sleep on Marshall's guys!) , shirt is old from H&M (it's actually a dress), and the Sperry's are from wherever you get Sperry's from.

Love you always for stopping by!