Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... Your Clothes

It's time to downsize...

I love the idea of a capsule collection but I can admit that it's not for me. I love variety and I need options. However, this does not mean that my closet is fraught with junk. I make sure to keep a few key pieces and many accent pieces that will spice up any boring look. This is a great way to keep your style fresh and exciting without spending a ton of money.

Plaid for autumn.

You may recognize some of the elements in this look and that's because I've worn them before. I  created a completely different aesthetic by switching up the base of my outfit. For a laid back and casual vibe, I paired this grey draped dress with darker accessories. The outfit is perfect for warmer fall days spent running errands.

Sheer plaid shirt and draped grey dress

Are You struggling with finding something to wear in your closet? Check the tips down below!

1. Build your basics... There are just certain items that you NEED in your closet. Think solid colors like black, white, or grey. Dark wash jeans are a MUST and you should also have a nice stash of solid tanks.

2. Accessorize... A statement necklace can add a POP of color and serve as the focal point of your look.

3. Plan while you shop. Think about your wardrobe while you're shopping for new clothing. What will you wear with this? Does it fit with multiple outfits? Will you be able to wear this often?

So tell me, what are the key pieces in your closet? Do you wear the same clothes often or do you wear something new all the time?


Until Next time....