My Life Is NOT On Fleek

Don't let Instagram fool you, none of us know what we're doing...

Zero fleek was used in the creation of this image

Do you ever look at your favorite blogger or vlogger and think, "I wish I had her life"? I mean who wouldn't, it's perfect. Her twist and curl is always super defined, her wardrobe is full of quirky pieces that just seem to go with her amazing personality, every dish she prepares or eats looks professionally plated, and if she has kids, they are the most fashionable and well behaved images of cuteness you have ever seen. Shit, I want that life. It looks fucking awesome. Too bad it doesn't exist.

You guys already know this but no one has a perfect life. Bloggers and social media stars present the BEST of their lives because it's their job. I personally would rather see a woman running around the city in her fabulous clothes a la Carrie Bradshaw than a woman crying into a pint chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (my favorite) over her latest lost love (coincidentally also in the vein of Carrie Bradshaw, homegirl was a MESS). We gravitate towards these images because they are a distraction from the cares of real life but don't get too invested in it. Because it's not real. Never delude yourself into thinking that someone's life or situation is better than  yours. Because honestly none of us know what we're doing, we're just frontin' for the 'gram.

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