My Better Half: Bringing Back the Half Birthday


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Remember being a kid and telling people you were six AND A HALF? That half was very important. Why? Because people needed to know that you weren't regular six. You were six PLUS. The upgraded version of that age. You were a seasoned six. Basically seven, actually. You knew some thangs that a normal, run of the mill six year old wouldn't know.

 When did that milestone become obsolete? I'm sure most kids age out of this practice by ten. Halves no longer matter once you reach double digits and you let go of your childish ways (or so I'm told, I'm the biggest kid you'll ever meet and I'm almost 30). Still, when I think about it, that half year is an important marker.

Six months is a long time. Everything can change in six months. Your job, your relationships, your financial situation can all go through some crazy changes in the time that it takes for the Earth to revolve halfway around the sun. Honestly, if the last time you talked to me was on my birthday in 2018, you probably don't know me that well anymore. I mean sure, I still hold most of the same core values, but there have been some pretty major changes.

For starters, my goals are different. I was stuck in a "think small" mindset that had me shrinking into tiny boxes that weren't meant for me. I thought I didn't deserve to go after the big things I actually wanted. I decided that wasn't a good look and started asking for and going after more. Add to that a heaping dose of IDGAF. Not that I'm walking around being a savage as the young folk would say. I just care quite a bit less about people’s opinions of me. I’ve done the whole hide who you really are thing and it’s draining and doesn’t benefit me at all. Lastly, I realized that I have to put myself first. I had gotten so accustomed to putting the needs of everyone else before mine and ended up feeling so empty. At first, I blamed others but I quickly realized that this was entirely my fault. I was so busy pouring into other people and things and projects that I wasn't stopping to let anyone pour into me. How silly! I was empty because I wasn't allowing anyone, including myself, take care of me.

29.5 already feels different than 29. And to be honest, if you don't talk to me anytime between 29.5 and 30, you'll probably be meeting a completely different person in July.