Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze - Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

Glamour and Grime

Glamour and Grime

As a style blogger, it's easy to write solely about clothes and while style is kind of my thing, that can get boring. FAST. Garments are things: they can't love me back, they can't listen to any stories about my day, they are simply to be worn. Which is why I can't subscribe to the idea that clothes equal glamour.

When I think of the most glamorous women in history I obviously think about their wardrobes. But then I think of what their style represented. Jackie O. was always stylish but she carried her self with such poss and grace. Eartha Kitt was stunning in sequined strapless dress because of the confidence and unabashed femininity.

As I am maturing into womanhood I'm starting to focus less and less on what I'm actually wearing and more on how I carry myself. Because sure I can dress, but what else?

Outfit Details

Ankara Fabric | AKN Fabrics

Button Down | Thrifted

Skirt | Asos (old)

Shoes | Target

Necklace | Vintage

Watch | Boyfriend's

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