Healthy Summer Hair

Tips for keeping your hair summertime fly....

how will you keep your tresses thriving during the warmer months?

how will you keep your tresses thriving during the warmer months?

1. Keep it Simple...

Easy to say, not so easy to do. Us "natural girls" love to play in our hair don't we? But if you want to keep your hair healthy and thriving I suggest you leave it alone. Low manipulation is always best AND much easier to do during the summertime. Take some time to let your hair be free.


Just because your hair isn't on a "protective style" does not mean you no longer have to shield it from harmful elements. Are you a beach baby or a professional poolside lounger? Before you get into the water, try soaking your hair underneath the shower. For an extra layer of goodness, throw on some conditioner. This will keep harmful chemicals like chlorine from penetrating the shaft and drying out your hair. Always wash with a clarifying shampoo or mixture after taking a dip.

3.Block the Sun...

While the sun contains essentials such as Vitmin D and can be a great mood booster, it is important to limit the contact it has with or skin and hair. To shield your strands (and gorgeous face) from the suns harmful rays, try rocking a wide brimmed hat.

4. Moisture...

Because there is generally a good amount of moisture in the air during the summer months, you may not need to worry AS MUCH about constantly keeping your hair moisturized. However, a great way to add moisture without a ton of effort is by incorporating products with humectants such as vegetable glycerine and honey. These ingredients will draw moisture from your environment into your hair. If you live in a dry or arid climate the use of humectants is not best as moisture will be drawn FROM your hair.


Those are all of my tips for healthy hair during the summer. What do you guys do to keep your hair healthy during the warm months? Sound off below!!!