Explore Your City

... for when she awakens, she will shake the world. - Napoleon

Scarves and Headwraps

Have you ever explored your city? Like really explored it. I know you've lived there your whole life and know everything about it but when was the last time you really searched for hidden treasures. As summer comes to close, I encourage you to seek out special places and make memories in your city.


Now I'm not one to break budgets, so for a casual Saturday, I shop my closet. This amazing sundress is from H&M TWO YEARS AGO. It was a whopping $10. See what happens when you shop for wardrobe staples instead of trends? 

I'm a huge fan of using head wraps as a protective style. They're low maintenance and cheap and DIY friendly. If you're interested in seeing different stylings for your scarf.

Louis Vuitton and Denim

I'm not a girl who's big on designer purses but I received this envelope  sized purse from a relative years ago and I really love it.

Rochester Artisanworks

Rochester Artisanworks

These pictures were taken at the wonderful Rochester Artisanworks by my awseom and "boytographer" whom you can find @liwumi on Instagram.