Complete Your Look With Rocksbox!

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Let's talk about accessorizing! Honestly your add ons can make or break your look and having the proper accessories can be expensive. I'm not huge on shopping for jewelry it can get a little crazy and it's difficult to find pieces that match my exact taste. 

I have been working with Rocksbox for about two months and I have to say that I am absolutely in love with this subscription service. Rocks box fixes all of my accessorizing wants and needs for only $19.99 per month! It is so simple and I love how personalized at the entire service is.

Every month, you receive a Rocksbox with three beautiful pieces selected for you based on the wish list that you make on the Rocksbox website and the style survey that you take when you sign up. Once you receive your monthly box you can choose to wear your pieces as many times as you wish and return them OR you may purchase as many pieces as you would like. I think this feature makes Rocksbox great as you can wear the pieces and decide if they go with your wardrobe or if you want to exchange them for something else

I absolutely recommend Rocks box to anyone looking to add more jewelry to their collection.

If you would like a free month of Rocksbox use my code jadorejoelleeeexoxo as your discount code!