Black Owned Beauty Brands (That Aren't Shea Moisture) To Support NOW

Go where you are appreciated not where you are tolerated.

Have you ever been disappointed in a brand that you loved? Yeah, we're looking at you Shea Moisture.

Have you ever been disappointed in a brand that you loved? Yeah, we're looking at you Shea Moisture.

The last couple of days in the blogosphere have been pretty interesting specifically for black women who specialize in natural hair content. Why? Well, a very popular beauty brand that is black owned and has been largely supported by the black community decided to bite the hand that (literally) feeds them. That brand is Shea Moisture and they seriously failed on Monday; by releasing a commercial for hair care products that featured racially ambiguous and caucasian women, Shea Moisture alienated their core audience and customer base. Black women were not pleased. In the uproar that ensued, there were several calls to boycott Shea Moisture and support other brands. Unfortunately for us, there are very few black-owned beauty brands that are easily accessible. That being said, very few still leaves us with options for awesome brands that we can support.

My Fluffy Puffs

If you are looking for a complete line of natural hair products, look no further. My Fluffy Puffs provides a moisturizing product line with a cleanser, moisturizer, and styling creme. The line is also expanding into hair growth oils. All of the products are handmade and the owner is a young black woman who makes and formulates all of the products.

Especially Hair

I would stack this deep conditioner next to every DC by Shea Moisture. As a matter of fact, it's better (which is definitely reflected in the price). The ingredients are quality and the moisture that it provides is great for low porosity, type 4 hair. Especially Hair is owned by a husband and wife team.

Diva By Cindy

These products are great for the natural or relaxed girl who likes to add direct heat to her regimen. The products are alcohol-free and are light enough to ensure an awesome blowout or silk press. Developed by a former nurse, Diva by Cindy promotes healthy hair products.

These brands are black owned and support and uplift women of color. Their brand ambassadors are women of color and they feature women of color on their social media platforms. I have always believed that we should support companies that support us so if you're looking to spend your money with a black-owned company, look no further!

What are your favorite black-owned beauty brands?