5 Signs You Need to Cut It (Your Hair)

When those split ends go half way up your hair... you need to cut it.

What my hair would look like if I stopped trying to avoid getting regular trims.

What my hair would look like if I stopped trying to avoid getting regular trims.

Let's face it: Us "Natural Girls" hate to cut our hair. I get it because I'm the same way. When you endure wash days that sometimes take up to eight hours and protective style nine months out of the year and care for your hair like you would a newborn child, cutting off those precious strands is just NOT an option. That being said sometimes you just have to let go of a little length in order to have healthy hair. If you're on the fence about getting a trim, here are 5 signs that you definitely need to cut your hair.

1. Excessive Breakage | About 2 years ago I experienced a major natural hair setback that had a lot to do heat abuse and processing my hair with color (we'll talk about that on another day). I finally knew that I needed a real cut when my hair was just breaking off left and right. A stiff breeze could blow by and large amounts of hair would just come out. Bear in mind that shedding is not the same as breakage. Shed hair will have a little white bulb at the root whereas breakage will not.

2. Extreme Dryness | Whenever my hair is frizzy and dry at the ends I know it has to go. Dry hair splits and breaks and we don't want said dryness to travel up the hair shaft and damage the rest of the strand. Hair that is damaged to the point of being constantly dry cannot be remoisturized or repaired it simply needs to be cut.

3. Limp Hair | This applies specifically to heat damaged hair. It is one of the easiest signs of damage to spot when you have a head full of healthy curls and see limp noodle hair at the ends. These spots will respond to manipulation as far as curling but the natural pattern will never return.

4. Split Ends | Harder to spot by the naked eye split ends are the ultimate thief of length! Like dryness split ends will travel up the shaft and damage otherwise healthy hair. Split ends cannot be repaired! I promise you there is no miracle product that will put your hair back together you just have to cut it.

5. Flat Hair | I firmly believe that my twist out will tell me everything I need to know about my hair. Because my hair is normally extremely voluminous and big, when my twist out or other curl styles start to hang lifelessly I know I need a shape up and a trim.

Hope this helps you all! Be sure to check out my video where I show you how I do a light trim/dusting at home. And let me know, how often do you trim your hair?